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We use only premium-blended dry granular fertilizer produced specifically for Michigan's climate & blends of grasses. Protocols for IPM, Integrated Pest Management, are always used. IPM practices in part reduce the level of herbicides applied to your lawn. Herbicides are applied only when and where they are needed. They are never applied in a blanket-type application, a practice that is still used in the lawn care industry. This reduction is not only environment-minded, it also helps keep costs down that are typically passed on to the home owner.
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Holden Green Turf's Five-Step Program:

  • Early Spring Application - A custom blended fertilizer designed for an early Spring green-up. Pre-emergent, (crab grass control) is also applied at this time. Special time released-formulas give your lawn a quick greening boost and continues to feed your lawn for weeks.

  • Late Spring Application - A custom blended fertilizer designed to thicken and feed your lawn during this rapidly growing time of the season. Spot spray treatment for broad leaf weeds will be applied as needed.

  • Mid Summer Application - A blend of a slow time released fertilizer and spot spray treatment for weeds is applied designed to keep your lawn green and healthy during Michigan's summer months.

  • Late Summer / Early Fall Application -  A blend of Sulfur coated slow release fertilizers designed slowly feed your lawn. This treatment helps your lawn recover from stress of the summers excessive heat. Spot spray weed treatment is applied as needed.

  • Late Fall Application -  Commonly known as a Winterization treatment. This specifically blended fertilizer application will help prevent Winter stress and promote a healthy root development to protect your lawn during Michigan's cold Winter months.  

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Holden Green Turf Lawn Fertilization Service